Friday, November 21, 2008

Chapter 7: "My Lovely Family"

As the tittle, I wanna ask about my family.
Correctly, I wanna reveal my family, my big family.

Having a normal family had been my dream. But I think none has a normal family. Although someone has it, he/she is "abnormal" for me. Or maybe I'm just jealous.

My main family consists of Dad, Mom, Nee (older sister), and me.
Just 4 of us.
But right now, my family only consists of 3 members.
Don't think my parents divorce or something bad.
It's because Dad had already been in Heaven.
Dad had been sick since my first year in Junior High School.
Are you shocked??
Actually, only few of my friends who known about this fact. My Junior High School classmate.
Cos it was happening right after my Junior High School's final exam.
Mom said thanks to GOD who made this tragedy happened after my exam, because if it happened when i was on exam, i wouldn't graduate, maybe.
Yeah, this is a fact about my main family.
I never want to ask about this fact to people who asking about "where is your Dad?".
I just answer "with my Mom in Lahat."
I don't want my friends who haven't known it change their attitude to me.
I just want they see me having a normal family.
Maybe it sounds like I'm too "drama queen", childish, or such. But, this is the way I am.
*jadi inget lagu The Way You Are - DBSK XDDD*

My big family, as i stated above, means besides my main family, there are also other families from Dad's side (3 uncles, 1 auntie, and 4 cousins) and from Mom's side (4 uncles, 5 aunties, and 11 cousins).
That's why i stated big family, not family only *ga penting juga*

Now I have a problem about my family.
One of my cousin from Mom's side will getting married on Jan 17th next year.
This was the first wedding in my family (for 3rd generation).
My problem is on the same day i have Final Practical Exam (cos i have to go to campus on Saturday)!!!
It means, when other families (include Mom and Nee who'll come to Jakarta) prepare about this wedding, i may (tragically) kicked to 2nd level to study for exam >.<
When Irene, my other cousin heard this, she cheers me that i can still enjoy the foods..*thinking about it makes me drooling XD*
Yeah, actually, it cheers me enough but i'm still confused about it.
My exam started at 9.20 until 11 AM, but after that i'm still having my last Discrete Mathematics class for this semester until 3 PM so i can't absent for this section.
Oh NOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~