Monday, December 8, 2008

[update] Mid-Exam result~

Well guys, Binusmaya has shown my result!!
But Algo's n Indonesian's score still, ugh, haven't be shown >___<

Here's my complete result: (minus algo + Ind)
English : 96
Discrete Math: 85 -->SAVE!!!!! pas2an dapet A nih...kyknya beneran deh switch gue yang bertransformasi jadi gate disalahin ;(
Linear Algebra: 100 -->kyknya si dosen ga ngeliat hasil akhir deh..*ato ga menyadari manipulasi jawaban gue??!* Who knows?
Intro IT: 88
Algo Practical: 89

I'm still waiting for REAL COMPLETE RESULT~
since today (Monday) is holiday, so maybe the result'll be out tomorrow ;)
I'll edit this post soon when the result's there :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

[info] Result of my mid-exam test >__<

1 week passed away since i had my mid-exam!
Actually, the result must be in binusmaya, but until now it hasn't appeared yet T_____T
Some of my lecturer give each result in class time~

So, this is little part of the result:
Algorithm and Programming (Practical)-->yang bikin gue*pake gue aja ah* nangis2 n stress berat krn gue pikir kesalahan gue tuh fatal bgt: ternyata 88!!!! gue sampe teriak2 gejeh ga peduli nasib temen2 gue yang lain yg miris dapet kecil semua, kecuali rombongan Randi cs n Simon cs. gue boleh seneng dong ama hasil ini.hehehe...
English-->gue udah targetin dapet A sih: 92/96 (gue lupa)
PTI or Introduction of Information Technology-->yang bahannya BUANYAK banget, 371 hal: 89!! (sama ama Randi + Charles nih. Tapi gue jelas ga main contek lho ya!! Yang ada nguras otak buat ngarang jawaban esainya..

It hasn't revealed yet T_____T
Discrete Mathematics: although i have class in last saturday, but he (my lecturer) didn't say anything about giving our result.
Indonesian: The lecturer didn't come so i must wait till next week T_T
Algorithm and Programming (Theoretical): He didn't come without any information before!!! SEBEL!!! since at Tuesday i only have Algo class, then he didn't come?? WTF!!
Linear Algebra: the lecturer was so busy in explaining the material for 2 meetings (next week is offclass, FYI) so he didn't say anything about the result. he only ask that 4# question is little hard to do (agak susah?? sangat susah kali!!!) he amazed me that he can finish explaining 2 meetings materials in only 1 hour!! (1 shift is 100 minutes) It means the time to take lunch is longer :)

So, i'm still hoping that my Discrete Math, algo, and linear alj's result is fine. It means i can get A for all subjects (perfectionist XD).
Remembered that i do Boolean gate for Boolean Switch in Discrete math, do ngasal for pseudocode in algo, and manipulated the number in linear alj XP
if i really got A for all of my subjects, then i can tell Mom so she'll be very happy~

Note: i feel guilty to my friends that i got highest score in English, bcos at the night before d test i still forumming and didn't study. But i'm sure my friends study hard for this test ;)
My auntie comments when i ask my result: harusnya dapetin A tuh gampang soalnya anak Binus kan banyak liburnya.
Yeah, i agree with that. before-mid-test-term i have lots of holiday. then my schedule doesn't full of class (in Wed n Fri i have no class).
But, after-mid-test-term is full of assignments!!
OMG...i still regret why i live in Kelapa Gading, far away from my campus that make me confused when there are team's assignments :(

It means that I have to work harder!!!

PS: Zuna, Tanjoubi Omedetou ne~
jgn lupa traktir sushi XD