Friday, November 21, 2008

Chapter 7: "My Lovely Family"

As the tittle, I wanna ask about my family.
Correctly, I wanna reveal my family, my big family.

Having a normal family had been my dream. But I think none has a normal family. Although someone has it, he/she is "abnormal" for me. Or maybe I'm just jealous.

My main family consists of Dad, Mom, Nee (older sister), and me.
Just 4 of us.
But right now, my family only consists of 3 members.
Don't think my parents divorce or something bad.
It's because Dad had already been in Heaven.
Dad had been sick since my first year in Junior High School.
Are you shocked??
Actually, only few of my friends who known about this fact. My Junior High School classmate.
Cos it was happening right after my Junior High School's final exam.
Mom said thanks to GOD who made this tragedy happened after my exam, because if it happened when i was on exam, i wouldn't graduate, maybe.
Yeah, this is a fact about my main family.
I never want to ask about this fact to people who asking about "where is your Dad?".
I just answer "with my Mom in Lahat."
I don't want my friends who haven't known it change their attitude to me.
I just want they see me having a normal family.
Maybe it sounds like I'm too "drama queen", childish, or such. But, this is the way I am.
*jadi inget lagu The Way You Are - DBSK XDDD*

My big family, as i stated above, means besides my main family, there are also other families from Dad's side (3 uncles, 1 auntie, and 4 cousins) and from Mom's side (4 uncles, 5 aunties, and 11 cousins).
That's why i stated big family, not family only *ga penting juga*

Now I have a problem about my family.
One of my cousin from Mom's side will getting married on Jan 17th next year.
This was the first wedding in my family (for 3rd generation).
My problem is on the same day i have Final Practical Exam (cos i have to go to campus on Saturday)!!!
It means, when other families (include Mom and Nee who'll come to Jakarta) prepare about this wedding, i may (tragically) kicked to 2nd level to study for exam >.<
When Irene, my other cousin heard this, she cheers me that i can still enjoy the foods..*thinking about it makes me drooling XD*
Yeah, actually, it cheers me enough but i'm still confused about it.
My exam started at 9.20 until 11 AM, but after that i'm still having my last Discrete Mathematics class for this semester until 3 PM so i can't absent for this section.
Oh NOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 6: "About My Mid-exam"

Yeah, as i posted before, I'm still having mid-exam!!!
Actually, since i have 6 subjects, so i had 6 exam days, one subject for each day.
I also have practical exam at Nov 8th.
For most of you, readers, I've told you how's this exam going >.<
It sooo........that make me wanna jump from 8th level of my campus!!!
But since you, readers, always wait for me, miss, care, and love me, i wouldn't do that, guys!!!

Well, back to the main topic, my main exam.
This is my schedule:
Nov 18th: Discrete Mathematics
Nov 20th: Linear Algebra
Nov 24th: English
Nov 25th: Introducing Information Technology
Nov 26th: Indonesian
Nov 27th: Algorithm and Programming

4 days full of exams everyday!!!!!

Until now, i've finished 2 exams.

First, Discrete Mathematics: The questions make me dizzy and crazy!!!!!!!
I was so stupid that i make Boolean Gate to answer question asking to make switching Boolean!!!
I really hope my lecture doesn't mind since he didn't explain Boolean topic. He just ask us to read it from his fotocopy paper.
Pak, baek dikit ya!!! Kan udah 2 kali ga masuk di pertemuan terakhir, ga jelasin pula. *ngeles*

Second, Linear Algebra: Why are you asking to solve SPL (angkanya pecahan n puluhan boo) with OBE alias Gauss Jordan method???????
There are 4 questions. Question number 1-3 is, yeah, easy enough for me since i believe that Linear Algebra is the easiest subject i have right now (English too).
But, question number 4 make me take lot of time to think.
With full self-confident, i answer it directly with pen! Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you that my Alin lecture asked to answer his questions by using pen only!
Then i try to answer it as teliti as i can.
In the end, i must count the number at thousands range!!!
So i think to find the answer by using elimination (SMU method XDD), JUST TO KNOW that my long and hard job is correct or not.
Ternyata, the final answer is only on hundreds range!!!
I've answered WITH PEN, then my answer is SO far from true answer????!!!!!!!
Yeah, as you predicted (maybe), i re-answer it as fast as i can.
But, fast answer tidak dijamin bener!!
100 minutes to answer all questions is almost over...
Selesai sih jawab ulang, tapi TETEP AJA HASILNYA GA SAMA AMA HASIL ELIMINASI!!!!
Ting tong!
The time is over.
Gw pun terpaksa keluar meski terpaksa bgt *pengen tetep di kelas tp udah diusir ama yg jaga dgn ancaman bakal dikurung kalo ga keluar2 juga* Nope, I'm just kidding XDDDD
Yeah, untuk kedua kalinya, i hope my "lovely" lecture doesn't mind with the final answer, but points it from the way i do it >.<

Right now, I'm still counting star in the sky *halah* eh still waiting for the next exams...

I'm so frustrating with this exams since someday ago my mother started send SMS: (this already translated in English since ga mungkin nyokap gw ngomong pake inggris XDD)
Mother: Hey is there any beasiswa in Binus??? Or beasiswa for students who don't have lots of money (keluarga ga mampu geto)??? (di kampus Nee ada tuh beasiswa buat keluarga ga mampu)
I: Nope, there isn't. beasiswa only for students who have IP above 3,5.
Mother: Really?? Masak g ada beasiswa buat keluarga krg mampu??
I: Yupe. Beasiswa is only for Coem Laud students. *sorry i don't know how to write "kumlaut" in English*
Mother: Hmm... so can you achieve that??? Get IP 3,5??
I: I don't know. It is still processing.... >.<
*I really translate it cos my mother ga mungkin send SMS with English and her language is more difficult to understand for orang normal XDDD

Those SMS really make me frustrated with exams!!
Yeah, u pasti know how's the feeling of a child who only have a mother to work and earn money.

I'll work hard, guys!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008



I come back~~~~~

Rada serem nih ama reader2 yang menagih gw buat update blog XDDD

Gomen ne, minna...

Selama bulan Oktober, gw lagi stuck n ngerasa bosen ama blog *digetok*
Jadi gw ga update...

Nah, kalo November ini, gw disibukkan oleh tugas2 Binusmaya yang menumpuk plus UTS!!!!!
Yeah, anyway, i'm still on UTS days right now ;(

Tapi, gw jadi semangat buat ngeblog hari ini XDD
Sebagai bayaran HIATUS sebulan lebih, gw bakal cerita banyak deh kali ini....

Info baru: berhubung gw mulai menyadari kalo kemampuan Inggris gw menurun *halah*...
Jadi gw bakal mencoba posting dalam bahasa Inggris!!!!!
Moga2 deh ga bakal kacau balau kyk bule baru belajar Bahasa Indonesia XDD